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A Brief History of HGN Society

Heralds of Good News, is a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life canonically established in India on 14th October 1984 and got Pontifical Right on 05th May 1999. The specific purpose of our Society is to train and supply wherever there is need, dedicated, hardworking and saintly missionaries (art. no. 5). The Society was started with three priests and two brothers and today we have 450 priests and over 300 seminarians at different levels of formation. Currently our Society has two Major Seminaries and four Minor Seminaries in India.

Formation of the Provinces

The Society of Heralds of Good News spread far and wide with its missions and institutions around the globe. The year 2008 was a landmark in the History of Heralds of Good News, for the first time the whole Society was divided into three Provinces for the sake of better administration and effective evangelization. The year 2011 was also significant in the history of HGN, because it has given birth to the fourth Province in the name of South Central Province in Andhra region. Thus the birth of St. John Paul II Province came into existence on the Birth Day of Blessed Virgin Mary, 8th September 2011.

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