Support A Seminarian

Support A Seminarian

Help us in training and preparing hardworking, zealous and saintly priests

"Education is the medium through which we encounter the young minds of today who will constitute the society and the Church of tomorrow. Our Schools will seek to foster the integral development of the students for a better tomorrow." (HGN Directory No.54)

By the grace of God we have many vocations. Most of the seminarians are from poor background, who can't afford to meet the expenses of studies in the Seminary. The Province is in its infancy and does not have internal resources to support the education of these seminarians.

We have a sponsorship program for the formation of the seminarians. Any generous person can adopt a seminarian by contributing an annual sum of US $ 200.00. This can be done either by annual or monthly installments.

Permanent Scholarship :

There is also a possibility of establishing a scholarship in the name of persons dear to the sponsor. In such an eventuality the scholarship amount will be made part of the CORPUS FUND and when one student completes his studies another will be able to take up studies using the same amount.

How it works :

The Provincial Superior will assign a seminarian to the sponsor, who is supporting his studies. The seminarian will write at least 2 times a year (Christmas & Easter) and the sponsor will be given yearly update about the progress, the seminarian is making in his studies. In case of the unlikely situation of a student droping out midway through his studies, another will be assigned in his place.

To Sponsor a Seminarian

For a Month $ 40.00
For a Year $ 400.00
Permanent Scholorship $ 4,000.00

The Contribution by the sponsor will help the seminarian to meet his Tuition and Library fees, Boarding and Lodging, etc...